Songfic - Silence

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Tu je v poradí môj druhý preložený songfic :) Je to Silence,ktorý bol tiež môj druhý. Dúfam,že si nájdem konečne čas aj na Summer :) Pekné čítanie

At last I have clarity
It took a while, it took a long time
But now I can see

´To tell, or not to tell?´ these thoughts were spinning around Lily´s mind while she was sitting in an empty common room.
"It made itself clear to me," She murmured to herself. It took a long time until she realised it and even longer until she admitted it to herself and now she had to decide whether she had to tell him or not. She knew that it wouldn´t make sense to let it stew inside but what if? He had admitted his love to her for 7 years. Now it was her turn to take the first step.

I learned to let go
It was the hardest lesson of all
But I gave you my love
In silence

She admitted it to herself in the middle of her sixth year but she wasn´t brave enough to tell him that. Something inside her didn´t allow it and when she was planning to do it that something blocked will it seem...She has refused him for 7 years and suddenly she will nod and jump around his neck? The most difficult thing for her was arguing with him and insulting him while she would rather tell him something different; however, when he started to nag her, she couldn´t force herself to do it. It was a habit and she didn´t defend herself purposefully, she was doing it subconsciously, her body was doing what it wanted and then when she was alone she regretted her behaviour. Mostly it made its way to a pillow to which she was beating. So then she gave him her love in silence. In keeping her silence.

There would come a time
In my life
When I'd face what was real
I turned a blind eye
I'd feed the lie
Too afraid to come clean

She knew there would come a time when she will do it. She would show him a new face, the real face. She wanted him to know it and she didn´t want to feed him by lies. However, she was too afraid that after the all these things he wouldn´t want her. In the beginning, she was refusing him because she thought that he didn´t think it was serious on his part. She didn´t know how she jumbled his head at all.

But I learned to let go
Although you would never know
That I gave you my love
In silence

She learned how to keep it inside. She was living with the thought that she would mayb enever tell him, that he would maybe never find it out. She gave him her love in silence. It was silence. Silence.

But I learned to let go
It was the hardest lesson of all
Did you ever know?
I gave you my love
In silence

´It was the most difficult task of everything. But I have already made a decision. Will I tell him? Have you ever seen that? Yes, I gave him my love. In silence. In keeping silence. And I won´t hide it anymore!´
"Lily?" on the stairs to the boys' dormitory was standing a figure. Lily numbed and slowly turned her head to the direction from which the voice came. It came her moment...

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1 Mišina Mišina | 28. dubna 2013 v 18:53 | Reagovat

wow O_O je to dokonalé :-) fakt skvelé a s tou pesničkou <3 geniálne :-) a na Summer sa taktiež teším :-)

2 tina tina | Web | 20. května 2013 v 16:35 | Reagovat

Super, začína sa ti dariť s tými prekladmi :) veľmi sa teším na summer, tak dúfam, že to nebude trvať moc dlho :D

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